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Benny Taccardi

Backend Software Engineer @Unobravo

About Me

Hey folks! My name is Benny (Benito) Taccardi and I'm a backend and full-stack software engineer with a passion in learning new tech stuff.

Currently, I'm involved in backend software engineering at Unobravo, where I use NodeJS. My main role is to develop complex cloud backend architectures using various AWS services.

Over the past few years, I worked on full-stack systems using Java (SpringBoot), Python (FastAPI), Angular, React and Docker as part of my technological stack.


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    Apr. 2023 - current

    Backend Engineer

    Unobravo is the first online psychology service formed by a diverse team of psychologists and psychotherapists who exclusively work through video calls, providing a flexible, accessible, and convenient service.

    • NodeJS, Typescript, Javascript
    • AWS
    • CI/CD using GitHub Actions
    • Scrum
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    Dec. 2021 - Apr. 2023

    Software Engineer

    Engineering S.p.A. is one of the largest consulting companies in Italy, specializing in various areas. In my case, I have worked specifically in the field of Research and Development (R&D).

    • FastAPI, Python, SpringBoot, Java, GeoPandas
    • Angular, React
    • Apache Superset
    • Postgres, PostGIS
    • Docker, VMWare
    • Postgres, PostGIS. QGis
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    Sept. 2020 - Dec. 2021

    Software Engineer

    Vidyasoft s.r.l is a fintech consultancy company that primarily focuses on cloud and IoT solutions for finance. During my time at Vidyasoft, I developed a deep-learning-based fraud detection algorithm, which can be found here.

    • SpringBoot, Angular, Python
    • SQServer, Docker
    • DialogFlow
    • PyTorch


  1. Master's degree

    2019 - 2021

    Computer Engineering

    Database, IoT, Network Systems, Parallel Algorithms, Operative Systems, DSS, Robotics, Deep Learning & Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Software Engineering

    I wrote three scientific papers:

  2. Bachelor's degree

    2015 - 2019

    Computer Engineering

    Software Engineering, Math, Geometry, Physics, Statistics, Probability, Digital & Analog Electronic, Database

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